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Technical Talent Ecosystem Basics

Understanding technical talent ecosystem basics are an important part to best developing talent and using technology in our communities and daily lives. Technical talent is an enabler of innovation and output in businesses and in making great livelihoods for countless individuals that choose technical careers. This ecosystem defines these associated elements in technical talent development and the ability to produce work output.

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It includes three primary elements. First, the development of a supply of technical professionals. Next, are the transition components that involve how participants move from the supply (as students) to the demand side (as workers). Finally, there is the demand for technical talent and its performance in organizations of all sizes.

Considerations: Talent Ecosystem Basics

There are many considerations when looking to understand the basics of a technical talent ecosystem. First, the model is very new and rapidly evolving as technology is constantly changing. As a result, this model is not perfect and will continue to develop and improve over time. Feedback is welcome to help it do that.

Next, this ecosystem model was originally created for use in the cyber security industry. TalentSplit created this technical talent ecosystem model as part of an experiment between its two other sister organizations Cyber Forward Academy and CISOSHARE. CISOSHARE is a cyber security provider while CyberForward Academy develops cyber security talent and operates a work center for developing students. However, we have found this model is becoming applicable for use within many different industries and areas of technology.

Finally, understanding the entire ecosystem can be helpful even if you operate only in one aspect of it. We think this is the case because the primary output of the model is qualified technology talent and the work they produce. Since developing talent moves across the entire ecosystem it can be helpful that all aspects are at least considered.

Tech Talent Ecosystem and TalentSplit

The primary focus of TalentSplit is on the transitioning and demand sides of the technical talent ecosystem. This includes providing expert technical business services using transitioning technical talent through work centers. Next, we offer recruiting services for organizations that want to hire the technical talent that works on TalentSplit projects and are developed through our work center partners.

Finally, we help communities, schools, technical work center providers and transitioning talent on best working and improving within this ecosystem. We do this by providing assessment and consulting services in two primary areas. First, we help communities build healthy technical ecosystems. Second, we help individuals, schools, and businesses transition from the supply to the demand side of technical talent ecosystem.