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Cyber Security Readiness

Ensure the safety of your organization’s sensitive data by leveraging our advanced cyber security assessment tool and collaborating with our team of seasoned experts. Stay one step ahead of evolving threats and obtain customized strategies to strengthen your defenses.

Complete Assigned Assessment

Simplify supplier and third-party security assessments with TalentSplit. Click the link if you’ve been assigned by a partner or customer for an assessment. Trust us to streamline your evaluation process and provide you with actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Cyber Remediation Services

Unlock the power of specialized cyber security remediation services tailored for small organizations. Explore our comprehensive offerings designed to address your unique security challenges and protect your valuable assets. Trust our expert team to deliver targeted solutions.

As cyber-attacks become increasingly frequent and complex, affecting businesses, non-profits, public agencies, and governments alike, the demand for cybersecurity services has soared. However, due to a limited supply, small organizations often struggle to find an affordable and efficient means to access these services.

TalentSplit offers a user-friendly and innovative online solution to address these issues. It bridges the gap between organizations requiring specialized cybersecurity expertise and the previously untapped resources equipped to provide these services. Our unique residency access model ensures quality and efficacy by engaging work centers with newly trained high school students and adults over 18 workers in a senior level guided, supervised and supported work environment.

The end result is a multi-faceted approach to solving the core supply and demand issues in cyber security today. Small organizations get the desperately needed cyber security services and support they require in a cost structure that makes sense in today’s economy. As important, the developing supply of available cyber security talent, all developed in the United States, increases more quickly and in an effective and supportive model to produce services and hone their craft.

How it works

The TalentSplit interface enables organizations to expeditiously evaluate their security posture, establish connections with expert advisors to receive guidance on their specific requirements, and efficiently access a range of cyber security services through a streamlined selection and payment process.

Residency work centers explained

TalentSplit grants access to an ecosystem comprising of authorized suppliers of cyber security talent, operating from approved residency work centers. Currently, the primary supply partner for TalentSplit is CyberForward Academy, a sister company that trains and employs cyber security professionals from high school and above, then placing them in supervised and supported residency work centers.

The approved work centers utilized by TalentSplit must offer an environment where aspiring professionals have the necessary resources, materials, and guidance to carry out cyber services under the supervision of experienced coaches. This residency approach not only facilitates the development of junior workers but also delivers several other advantages, including enhanced accessibility, superior quality, cost-effectiveness, and scalability.

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The TalentSplit methodology facilitates prompt access to guidance and expertise through the portal at the initial stages of engagement. Given that a significant number of coaches and senior professionals within these work centers also possess a background in education, it fosters an environment that is highly educational and advisory-oriented for organizations utilizing the service.

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Despite the current shortage of experienced senior workers in the field, there is a considerable pool of developing individuals aspiring to enter the cyber security domain due to its promising career prospects. The residency model and streamlined development approach facilitate the scalability of the cyber talent supply and its availability in the most efficient manner possible.

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A significant portion of the workforce in these residency work centers consists of entry-level employees who are relatively new to the professional sphere. Additionally, in certain cases, their costs are subsidized through government programs or other training fees, which further enhances their cost-effectiveness. As a result, a substantial portion of these cost savings are subsequently reflected in significantly reduced rates for the high-quality services rendered.

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Similar to the medical field, where experienced doctors supervise new doctors during medical residencies, the work centers in TalentSplit also implement a related structure. In this setup, senior workers and coaches oversee the activities of junior-level workers throughout the service delivery process. This meticulous oversight guarantees the highest level of quality and allows for multiple levels of review and iterative improvements.

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  • What is TalentSplit?

    TalentSplit creates a marketplace for organizations to gain access to in-demand technical business services provided by expert managed developing talent. Like medical residencies where experienced doctors supervise new doctors, TalentSplit partner work centers have a similar structure. Senior workers and coaches supervise developing workers throughout the service delivery process. This careful oversight ensures the highest quality, allowing for multiple levels of review and iterative improvements. Another key difference is that we want you to hire our talent after you test them on projects through our model.

  • What types of services does TalentSplit offer?

    TalentSplit offers three primary types of services. First we offer technical business services for organizations of all sizes. Next, we offer recruiting services for organizations that want to hire the developing talent from our work centers. Finally, we offer readiness services for communities that want to build technical talent ecosystems, work centers that want to offer their services on our platform and individuals that want to measure if they are work ready.

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  • Why are these services so affordable?

    At TalentSplit, we partner with approved work centers that often participate in various
    subsidy programs for their workers. Through these programs, certain costs for both the
    workers and their coaches are often reduced, enabling more affordable pricing that we
    pass on to our customers.

  • Will this work take longer to complete since some developing workers are involved?

    No, the involvement of junior workers does not result in longer completion times. The
    work centers follow a structured, process-driven approach, supported by dedicated
    coaches, to deliver exceptional results on time. This model is designed for focused and
    efficient execution to meet your specific service requirements.

  • What types of organizations are these services designed for?

    These services are designed for organizations of all types from business associations and managed service providers to, large, small and micro businesses. We also help agencies, non-profits and schools.

  • Where are these workers located?

    All TalentSplit workers, consultants, and coaches are based in the United States. We
    prioritize the utilization of local talent, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience for
    your organization.

  • Will we get access to quality security professionals?

    Yes, you will have access to quality technical teams. These teams will be comprised of senior professionals and coaches, as well as developing talent. All work is rigorously reviewed
    by qualified professionals in an approved work center. Our quality assurance
    processes are designed to deliver outstanding results that are comparable, if not superior,
    to services provided solely by senior level workers.

  • What if I need a more complex services or support?

    If you need more sophisticated services we have trusted partners that can provide specialized expertise or comprehensive solutions. These solutions will be tailored to
    meet your specific needs and expectations.

  • What if I am not happy with the services?

    Your satisfaction is our top priority. You only pay when you are fully satisfied with our
    services. We stand by our work quality and aim to exceed your expectations, ensuring you
    receive the value and results you deserve.

  • How does TalentSplit seek to positively impact local communities?

    TalentSplit aims to positively impact local communities by partnering with programs that
    develop talent in local schools and associated community programs. This helps
    businesses and organizations of all sizes within the same community, leading to economic
    improvement and a sustainable model for the entire community.

  • Why doesn’t TalentSplit both develop talent and sell their services?

    Initially, we tried developing and selling services with our developed talent. However, we
    realized the importance of focusing separately on talent development and service
    provision. Thus, we have created more of a partner model with training organizations (supply side), while
    TalentSplit focuses exclusively on providing services (demand side).

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