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Talent for large organizations

Large organizations require both business services and consistent access to talent in different ways. In a certain location, access business services provided by talent from that community.

Use hybrid models to outsource and insource your talent pipelines at the same time. TalentSplit is the unique solution to meet your needs in the ever changing landscape of talent enablement.



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Large organizations use the development and application of talent with their organization in very different ways. TalentSplit offers connections to developing talent in many different ways. Projects can be outsourced in a consulting model or role based resources can be selected and internally managed.

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Build Local:

While a large organization may be located within many different communities, TalentSplit enables a local approach and sourcing of talent in the areas where your organization is currently doing business. This lets you build bonds local in the places that matter most to your organization.

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Pipeline support

Modern talent pipeline development in large organizations can be complex and often outside of your core business. From certification services for your talent development system to connecting you to schools TalentSplit can help you optimize your approach to meet your needs.

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Burst Capability:

In large organizations there is often a lumpiness in how technology business services are consumed. TalentSplit offers you a myriad of ways to smooth out how the demands for talent in your organization are needed to address your business requirements.

How it works

How it works

Access a myriad of talent services through TalentSplit to meet your business needs. Utilize in a consulting model, project or role based talent services. Hire talent internally when ready.

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