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Business associations and chambers of commerce are the multipliers of both business and community progress. They represent Industry and their needs in bulk. At the same time they have the pulse of the communities they serve.

TalentSplit partners with business associations, groups and chambers to meet the needs of bulk talent with a community feel. The goal is to enable groups of businesses in a locality in a way that improves the economic vigor in that community.

Business associations can offer custom programs that make sense to their membership. At the same time their members can hire the resources they need when needed.



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Right now in high demand industries like cyber security and AI it is hard to get the project based resources you need.

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Connecting with and developing core talent is tough. We partner with certified work centers to offer the talent you need to support your business growth. Hire the available resources that work on your projects.

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Customers like when you use TalentSplit enabled services on your clients. It simply works and you are developing more talent for our world.

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Take clients you otherwise couldn’t prior due to be out of your service mix or because of resource issues. This model does not take from your core business, it expands it.

How it works

How it works

Our approach is to connect services with need as fast as possible. For managed services providers you first create an enterprise account, then use our account team and digital interface to connect across work centers, customers and talent.




  • What is TalentSplit?

    TalentSplit creates a marketplace for organizations to gain access to in-demand technical business services provided by expert managed developing talent. Like medical residencies where experienced doctors supervise new doctors, TalentSplit partner work centers have a similar structure. Senior workers and coaches supervise developing workers throughout the service delivery process. This careful oversight ensures the highest quality, allowing for multiple levels of review and iterative improvements. Another key difference is that we want you to hire our talent after you test them on projects through our model.

  • What types of services does TalentSplit offer?

    TalentSplit offers three primary types of services. First we offer technical business services for organizations of all sizes. Next, we offer recruiting services for organizations that want to hire the developing talent from our work centers. Finally, we offer readiness services for communities that want to build technical talent ecosystems, work centers that want to offer their services on our platform and individuals that want to measure if they are work ready.

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  • Why are these services so affordable?

    At TalentSplit, we partner with approved work centers that often participate in various
    subsidy programs for their workers. Through these programs, certain costs for both the
    workers and their coaches are often reduced, enabling more affordable pricing that we
    pass on to our customers.

  • Will this work take longer to complete since some developing workers are involved?

    No, the involvement of junior workers does not result in longer completion times. The
    work centers follow a structured, process-driven approach, supported by dedicated
    coaches, to deliver exceptional results on time. This model is designed for focused and
    efficient execution to meet your specific service requirements.

  • What types of organizations are these services designed for?

    These services are designed for organizations of all types from business associations and managed service providers to, large, small and micro businesses. We also help agencies, non-profits and schools.

  • Where are these workers located?

    All TalentSplit workers, consultants, and coaches are based in the United States. We
    prioritize the utilization of local talent, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience for
    your organization.

  • Will we get access to quality security professionals?

    Yes, you will have access to quality technical teams. These teams will be comprised of senior professionals and coaches, as well as developing talent. All work is rigorously reviewed
    by qualified professionals in an approved work center. Our quality assurance
    processes are designed to deliver outstanding results that are comparable, if not superior,
    to services provided solely by senior level workers.

  • What if I need a more complex services or support?

    If you need more sophisticated services we have trusted partners that can provide specialized expertise or comprehensive solutions. These solutions will be tailored to
    meet your specific needs and expectations.

  • What if I am not happy with the services?

    Your satisfaction is our top priority. You only pay when you are fully satisfied with our
    services. We stand by our work quality and aim to exceed your expectations, ensuring you
    receive the value and results you deserve.

  • How does TalentSplit seek to positively impact local communities?

    TalentSplit aims to positively impact local communities by partnering with programs that
    develop talent in local schools and associated community programs. This helps
    businesses and organizations of all sizes within the same community, leading to economic
    improvement and a sustainable model for the entire community.

  • Why doesn’t TalentSplit both develop talent and sell their services?

    Initially, we tried developing and selling services with our developed talent. However, we
    realized the importance of focusing separately on talent development and service
    provision. Thus, we have created more of a partner model with training organizations (supply side), while
    TalentSplit focuses exclusively on providing services (demand side).

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