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  • What is TalentSplit?

    TalentSplit creates a marketplace for organizations to gain access to in-demand technical business services provided by expert managed developing talent. Like medical residencies where experienced doctors supervise new doctors, TalentSplit partner work centers have a similar structure. Senior workers and coaches supervise developing workers throughout the service delivery process. This careful oversight ensures the highest quality, allowing for multiple levels of review and iterative improvements. Another key difference is that we want you to hire our talent after you test them on projects through our model.

  • What types of services does TalentSplit offer?

    TalentSplit offers three primary types of services. First we offer technical business services for organizations of all sizes. Next, we offer recruiting services for organizations that want to hire the developing talent from our work centers. Finally, we offer readiness services for communities that want to build technical talent ecosystems, work centers that want to offer their services on our platform and individuals that want to measure if they are work ready.