Artificial Intelligence (AI) Business Services

Implement AI strategies and capabilities into your business processes.

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AI Business Services

As AI has hit our world by storm, businesses and organizations of all types and sizes are trying to move quickly to develop strategies, standards and implement AI into their core operational processes and technical environments. To support organizations of all sizes we are currently offering the following services though our TalentSplit platform.

AI Current State Assessment

Many organizations have internal teams utilizing AI capabilities without the business often times even knowing it. In this professional services engagement the assessment team will review your IT environment and overall business processes for how various AI tools and technologies or capabilities are currently being used in the environment. Key deliverables will include a map of currently used technologies aligned across internal business processes.

AI Information Technology Policy Design

Many organizations are interested in developing organizational requirements for how AI can be used within their environments. The project works with stakeholders to understand internal requirements and then develops an environment aligned AI policy.

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