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Role Based Contracts

As organizations leverage technology across all aspects of their business they need competent role based resources on demand. In our role based contract service organizations can request individuals for 3, 6 and 9 month contracts across all of our work center. disciplines.

Try resources in positions on your internal teams to see if they are a fit. Extend as makes sense, bring in different resources needed and hire when ready. Our role based contract services is designed with the flexibility and scale requirements of modern organizations of all types and sizes.


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Internal Integration

You can select and then integrate these resources into your internal teams to both boost capacity and test to see if they are a fit.

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Risk free

You can test first hand these resources to see if they are a fit. If they are great, and if they are not you can work to transition in new resources.

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Ability to Hire

You have the ability to hire those that make sense directly onto your teams when the time is right for you.

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Pipeline on demand

In a nutshell the ability to try, test and then hire as you need gives you a talent pipeline with no fuss.

How it works

Use our contract roles service to find you talent for when you need them. Scale as needed with one or multiple roles.

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