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Business associations and chambers of commerce are the multipliers of both business and community progress. They represent Industry locally and their needs in bulk. They understand the pulse and are keys to economic vitality in the communities they serve.

TalentSplit partners with business associations, groups and chambers of commerce to meet the needs of bulk talent with a community feel. The goal is to enable groups of businesses in a locality in a way that improves the economic vigor in that community.

Business associations can offer custom programs that make sense to their membership. At the same time their members can hire the resources they need when needed.

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Leverage opportunities:

If you are a member company that provides the same services as TalentSplit, our model expands your business and access to talent, instead of competing against it.

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On Demand:

Timing is crucial when it comes to executing your technical projects and services. With TalentSplit you can get project based resources, entire project teams or developing resources for you to hire how you need them.

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Access to expertise:

TalentSplit serves all types of organizations with tech talent, advice and project support. Whether a micro business or a multi-national you can get the tech talent services you need when and how you need them.

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Group Value Approach:

Take clients you otherwise couldn’t prior due to be out of your service mix or because of resource issues. This model does not take from your core business, it expands it.

How it works

How it works

Our approach is to connect services with need as fast as possible. For managed services providers you first create an enterprise account, then use our account team and digital interface to connect across work centers, customers and talent.

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