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Micro businesses need expert technical business services too.

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Technical innovation is in your future

Micro businesses struggle to get the same type of access to technical business services and talent as their larger business counterparts. However just because you are small does not mean you lack complex technical talent needs.

Enter TalentSplit. Use our talent services and work center partners to meet your most complex technology and business requirements. Then as you grow, access and hire talent from our pipeline to join your team

You get a talent pipeline on demand without any of the headaches or costs. At the same time you are also supporting our talent economy.

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It was nearly impossible for most micro businesses to get access to the high quality tech talent needed to compete against larger organizations. TalentSplit evens this playing field by providing access to advice and services regardless of company size.

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Many times micro businesses do not have the internal resources to get the same level of consultants and essentially advice as larger organizations. With TalentSplit we remove these constraints and give you the best and smartest in our new model.

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While your business may be small, the complexity and goals for how you use technology services may not be. We do not change the level of services, but we do use a graduated cost schedule based on the type of organization you are.

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When you are ready to make a hire, our talent pools will be here for you. As a customer of TalentSplit you will have the same access to talent as any other type of organization. You know your business is special, and now you can share why directly with the technical talent you wish to hire.

How it works

How it works

Our approach is to connect services with need as fast as possible. For managed services providers you first create an enterprise account, then use our account team and digital interface to connect across work centers, customers and talent.

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