Tech Worker Readiness™

Tech worker readiness services help you transition from student to worker in the right environment.

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Tech worker readiness services™

As a developing student in a technology field you are probably interested at starting to work as soon as you can. However sometimes it can be difficult to understand if you have what it takes to best apply your new skills.

At TalentSplit we provide a tech work ready assessment to provide you insight on where you currently are at and how ready you are to begin working in a technology role.

The goal of these services is to identify where you currently are and how to move forward in the best manner possible for your goals. We will support you in developing a roadmap to improve as well as identify options for entry supporting work centers in your area.

tech worker readiness and success


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Increase your pay

The better you can translate your technical training into technical skills that better produce work output the more valuable you are. We will work with you on where you are strong and where you need more development.

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Develop faster while you work

We will partner with you with ongoing measurement of where you are at as you continue to learn and work. This will let you develop faster and produce better work while you do.

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Lower your stress

Talent development without structured feedback is tough. We will work with you on answering questions while you develop and helping you as a support system.

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Increase your value

Your value comes of course from an increase in pay as you develop. However, from an employment perspective we also want to work with you to improve your production value as well.

How it works

How it works

We provide a tech worker readiness assessment process that first measures your readiness to work and then helps you improve.

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