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Schools need technical services too

Schools and universities need expert technical business services as much as ever. Whether in person or virtual courses leverage technology and the Internet heavily today.

TalentSplit supports schools in a couple of ways. First, we can supply on demand technical consulting and talent services from our work center partners to meet your business needs.

However we also offer our certification services for schools and universities looking to build their own technical work centers. Build it with us and then join our technical talent ecosystem.

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Business Grade Services:

With TalentSplit get access to technology services similar to those at a large modern business. Schools historically operate like a small organizations even if they are part of a large district or system.

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Expert Transformation:

Use our expert technical teams and partners to transform your institution. Schools have historically had antiquated technical systems, but since the pandemic this is changing at scale. Let us support this transformation.

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Industry Bridge:

TalentSplit helps strengthen the bridge to industry and technical innovation so you can flourish. We have tried to create a talent freeway for everyone to use and grow as one united ecosystem.

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TalentSplit lets schools access the technical talent they need in todays complex digital landscape. Schools have tremendous demand for high tech teams and talent and now they can get it.

How it works

How it works

As a small business you have options for how to use TalentSplit. Create an account now or use our account managers to create custom solutions.

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