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As a small business your needs for talent and business services are unique. You compete for services with your larger business counterparts but have less resources to support access and development of the talent you need.

TalentSplit enables you to compete with organizations of any size when it comes to access to talent. Select business services delivered by top notch talent then look to hire them as needed.

Scale services as your business grows. TalentSplit provides the flexibility to get the talent you need as you need it.

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Regulatory Aligned:

As a government organization you need to be aligned to all the current laws and directives that drive how you use technology. TalentSplit delivers just that in our innovative model.

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Inspired by Economics:

Small government agencies directly impact the economics of the locations that they serve. TalentSplit focuses on building the talent economy everywhere that it provides services.

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Community Integrated:

TalentSplit focuses on putting talent to work in the communities they are from. Our goal is for these workers to then stay or return to these communities to live and prosper.

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Expert Access:

Smaller government agencies often do not get access to the expert technical services because of a lack of resources. TalentSplit delivers the same level of technical talent to organizations of any size.

How it works

How it works

As a small business you have options for how to use TalentSplit. Create an account now or use our account managers to create custom solutions.

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