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Scaling your managed services

Technology based managed service providers have lots of customers that often need many of the same types of services. This makes staffing difficult because you always have either too many or not enough skilled resources to deliver these services.

TalentSplit partners with leading technology managed service providers to enable access to our work center partners when needed. Scale up and down with projects based services in emerging technology areas.

As you explore and experience this talent, hire the resources you like the best when you see fit. This lets you build dynamic pipelines without the fuss.

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Gain access to project based resources and teams in high demand technical industries like cyber security and AI. Use this flexibility gain this access when and how you need it.

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Outsource workloads to certified work centers to reduce stress on your teams or integrate talent into your teams for a blended approach. Then as your business grows hire the available resources when needed.

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Customers love it:

Show a smarter approach to your customers. They like and feel good when you use TalentSplit enabled services on your clients. It simply works, you are improving communities and making ready more talent for our world.

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Earn more business

TalentSplit enables you to take on more foundational work projects. This is the type of work that lets you serve more clients or provide other services in your offering. This model does not hinder your business, it expands it.

How it works

How it works

Our approach is to connect services with need as fast as possible. For managed services providers you first create an enterprise account, then use our account team and digital interface to connect across work centers, customers and talent.


  • Will these services compete with those of my managed services provider?

    No, as many of these services will be performed for organizations and as projects that would be too small for the common managed services provider. However, if the projects become more complex then they can be addressed by your organization. So this model does not reduce your opportunities, it actually expands them.

  • Can we try to hire the talent that works on these projects for our customers?

    Absolutely, this is part of our model. You can also let your customers make offers as well if this is part of your business model.

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