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Non-profits need technical talent

As communities have gone digital, so have the non-profits that serve them. This includes managing large amounts of data, connecting to highly regulated government systems and working with distributed workers and teams.

Adding complexity though this must be done with lean teams and budgets. However this is the core of where TalentSplit. Some of our earliest use cases were done with non-profits and the approach directly aligns with our mission to build and develop talent that comes from the community where they work.

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Non-profits need access to technical teams and expertise, but they are often overlooked by technical service providers. The TalentSplit model changes this by supporting non-profits with the experts they need.

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On Demand:

At TalentSplit we are always engaging our supply of technical talent to make available the best and brightest. We know how difficult it can be to get the right technical expertise when you need them. Not anymore.

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Community Inspired:

As a non-profit serving your communities is everything. We agree and everything we do with our talent services is designed to strengthen the organizations and communities in which they serve.

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Non-profits generally hire only a couple of specialized technical roles within their organizations. As a result you will not need your own talent pipeline. TalentSplit lets you access our talent pipeline as if it was yours.

How it works

How it works

Our approach is to connect services with need as fast as possible. For managed services providers you first create an enterprise account, then use our account team and digital interface to connect across work centers, customers and talent.

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